embeddif.[ai] makes the world your gym – individualized training everywhere and any time

Digitalisation is transforming the world of sports and training – whether we talk about smart fabrics or AI powered fitness training.

Embeddif.[ai] can support individual training and health goals by fusing motion sensor data and localisation to quantify your actions and training success in real time. Direct feedback or smart phone applications enables a smart analysis.

Standardized and cost-effective sensor technology can be easily integrated into all kinds of sports equipment and, with the help of embeddif.[ai], extensive monitoring and training support can be implemented. Thanks to the sensor-based signal processing, connectivity is not mandatory and the athlete can use his feedback locally at any time to optimize his or her training.

Regardless the type of action-based training, e.g. ball sports, team sports, boxing or running, embeddif.[ai] is able to learn with its user and adapt to the given parameters. In addition to tracking training success, medically relevant data can be collected and used to improve overall physical condition

In sport and in soccer especially, interest in analysis and analysis techniques is constantly growing. In the professional leagues, games and players’ performance are analyzed in a variety of different ways. And new rules now permit digital assistance in the coaching zone. In conjunction with real-time positioning systems, wearable technology for the players can already supply a variety of data automatically during the course of play. Given that such systems are relatively expensive and time-consuming to install, however, only the top clubs use them. We enable top league performance analysis for the amateur athlete for an affordable price.

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© Fraunhofer IIS

© Fraunhofer IIS

embeddif.[ai] supports multiple tasks:

  • Analyzing and optimizing of any motion sequences

  • All kinds of ball sports

  • Team sports and individual training

  • Connectivity possible but not necessary

  • Easy integration with localization systems

  • Health and environment monitoring

  • … and many more


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