embeddif.[ai] enables cognitive sensing for many types of hand-held tools, making processes transparent and assisting workers to ensure quality management in manual processes.

Even highly automated production involves numerous manual working processes. Workers need to be vigilant at all times for these processes to run smoothly, while individualized products require a maximum of flexibility. Correct manual assembly processes are essential to prevent cost intensive reworkor even safety risks.

Using cognitive sensor technology, sensor data cannot only be monitored, but also analyzed and processed directly on a sensor module in an application-related manner to provide feedback on the process directly on site, on the one hand, and to transmit only process-relevant data, on the other.

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Fraunhofer IIS has developed a retrofittable and intelligent sensor module for hand tools that measures various parameters during work processes and thereby delivers process optimization, transparency, and quality assurance. Multiple sensors detect not only actions (e.g., the correct tightening and loosening of screws) but also the location and the sequence of operations.

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embeddif.[ai] supports multiple tasks:

  • Monitoring assembly processes

  • Easy integration with localisation systems

  • Optional backend connectivity

  • … and many more

embeddif.[ai] eval kit for handheld tools will be available soon

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